The Genealogy Group


We all share a common interest in wanting to find out more about how to trace and look into our own family history.

Family tracing and ancestry is a topic that is of interest to many people particularly those of us whose family origins are not in the U.K which would make the task in hand much easier. Knowing who you are by tracing family history is a time intensive process that can be frustrated by not knowing how, especially when you have exhausted or don’t have the ability to ask family members.

The Genealogy Group is launching a project that can be built on in Wolverhampton that helps people in a practical and hands on way with tips about how to trace their family history.

We are seeking just keen and enthusiastic individuals, who would like to invite and give others an opportunity to get involved.

The Solihull Caribbean Family History Group

Serving Solihull, Birmingham and the Black Country.

What we do

The Solihull Caribbean Family History Group assists newcomers to the group, to research. Many enquiries have been taken from scratch to finding records of parents and grandparents that they and we have found gratifying to locate. And also just getting on with our own family tree work too.

We can show people how to go about finding ancestors, and for Jamaican individuals - how to find Births and Marriages online.

If 'hands on' finding of your ancestors is your thing, then that is the aim of our monthly sessions.  If we can help, and the records are to hand - on microfilm or online - then we will endeavour to give you a successful experience.

Microfilm Collection

We have now essentially achieved our aim of obtaining a collection of Index films covering key islands of the Caribbean that have been microfilmed by the Latter Day Saints Church that could be viewed locally in Solihull/Midlands area. Included so far are Anguilla, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Nevis, St Kitts (Reminder - Index microfilms essentially help us to know where to look on the Register microfilms which have the birth, marriage and death certificates we may be looking for) -


Please see link

 for what is available currently at Solihull.

Do tell your friends if you see islands relevant to them as well.

To Find out more or get involved contact:

Carlston Walters, Family History Group - Solihull & Birmingham Email: