George Scipio Africanus Molineux

George Africanus was born in Sierra Leone.

He became the slave of John Molineux. The Molineux family were iron merchants. They imported sugar and rum from the West Indies and traded metals to Africa.
He lived in a top floor servants’ room at Molineux House. In 1770 George became an apprentice to learn hairdressing.

Geoge Scipio

He was baptised at St. Peter’s Church.

As a free man George moved to Nottingham where he married an English woman. They lived in Victoria Street. The couple went on to own and rent out properties in Nottingham. George also had possession of a boat. He was literate and had the right to vote. He would vote for the Wigs of Nottingham. The couple had 7 children. One, Anna survived to adulthood. George died on 19th May 1834 and was buried at St. Mary’s Church. His descendants can be found in Surbiton.

A photograph of George exists today. He was pictured standing on the site of what is now Molineux Stadium.